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Our Vision and Misson

Our Vision and Mission:

As a member of the worldwide Lasallian Family, La Salle High School & College Faisalabad shares the following beliefs and commitments. 

  •  We believe in the unique presence of God in each individual and in the value and the fundamental worth of each individual.
  • We believe that "being" comes before "having" and "doing"
  • We believe in a holistic and balanced education aimed at the whole person within a happy environment where the individual is respected and the individual is sensitive to the needs of the group.
  • We believe that education is primarily the role of the parents and that the school is only complementary and can only accomplish its mission if it works in partnership, through Home, Staff, and Students.
  • We believe in inculcating human and positive values
  • We believe in encouraging the pursuit of excellence in all areas of school life.
  • We believe in a fully committed professional staff.   


The Lasallian Family: 

The Lasallian Family includes all those who contribute in one way or another to the Lasallian Educational Mission the Brothers, Teachers, Students, Parents, Alumni, Patrons, and well-wishers.